Letter to my VIP’S

Lucy Price, is going global.

Welcome to Wollongong’s escort and dirty little secrets exclusive subscription and VIP Section. The place where you have access to my exclusive videos and photos, right at your finger tip. Never seen before selfies and videos for your eyes only. Do you like the sound of that so far? Well it gets better. You can log on and keep up to date with my life as much as you want, where ever you want and as many times as you like. Read my monthly blogs and get up close and personal with the deviant you have been searching for. I thrive on making sure I cater to all my followers and giving you a wide diverse selection of wholesome Lucy love. A genuine connection and direct access link to me and my day to day life. No middle man, no big companies demanding ‘Main stream” media. But a direct no BS link to me and all my glory. I love being watched, I love knowing that I’m all yours and yours to keep. I like knowing you remember the way I smile when I’m about to climax, I love knowing you are familiar with my smirk. The one that entices you to watch on.

Here you will find my professional and amateur videos and photo sets. You’ll also find exclusive blogs on a topic about me or fantasy storylines I play out in my twisted, dirty little mind. I have taken the time to sort through my favorite things to share with you, soon you’ll be having “Lucy on the brain”. I will be progressively updating this section and will notify all my VIPs of any extra features I will be adding along the way.

In this one convenient place you will have everything you need to keep your needs satisfied in-between meets or even the opportunity to be with me if you can’t physically. I got you xoxo

Love Lucy Price

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