The Hardest Step You Can Take in Life, is the One Into the Unknown

Have you danced with the idea of seeing me? But don’t know how to go about starting or initiating a conversation with me? Let me help you… guide you, so you can feel at ease transparently communicating your deepest and darkest desires to me. If you haven’t read my “what does Lucy Price like, in the bedroom?” I highly recommend you take the time to read and understand what makes me tick, and what I’m all about. Respect!

Don’t be nervous. I’ve got you remember that. I’m here to take care of and protect you from societies constrictions without judgement. I’m here for you emotionally and mentally, to support and nourish your sexual growth and help you explore your Kinks and Fetishes. Don’t apologise for who you are or physical appearances however you may see yourself, because even roses have thorns. Emotional and physical chemistry are two completely different forces of nature, and the two should never be confused for the other. You are who you are! Take the leap of faith and let me relieve you of all your stresses and anxiety.

Initially you should introduce yourself to me. Nothing is more euphoric then been treated with love, honour and respect. With these three things at hand you will be able to construct an initial point of contact without concern, and you will also find that you too will be treated with love, honour and respect. You will find the rest of our interactions will flow on like a steady flowing river, you will find yourself becoming more relaxed and open when you realise you are in the right hands. Once you have introduced yourself to me via Text or email, please inform me when you wish to make a booking and for how long, closely followed by which services you wish to book and any special request. If you’re unsure of what I provide and which services you want, have a look around my website and if you see something that interests you send an expression of interest, or feel free to request further information if you are unsure about any of the services I provide.

Once you have established your needs and promptly securing our time together, I will give you all the required details. Don’t worry, I’ve made sure everything is easy to understand with clear and consist directions for your convenience. I have secure private parking whilst still close to public transport. If you are coming from Sydney, my in-call is conveniently located straight of the highway with easy access to the freeway back to Sydney. Estimated travel time to Sydney CBD only 1 hour 19 minutes.

If you have organised to have an In-call booking I will confirm your booking on the day, my general location is Wollongong CBD but I will not send you the address until 60 mins prior to our session. This is to ensure privacy and any possibilities for clients to cross over. I have your best interest at heart and am here to protect all parties involved professionally and effectively. I can give you more direct details earlier if you need to organise your transport, however it will be a local café so your able to relax until our time together starts. If you have organised an Out-call I will confirm your booking on the day, and I will also need to confirm your booking with the hotel reception. I will arrive at the allocated time following any instructions given, in-order-to meet discreetly and conveniently for you. Remember it’s ok to be nervous. I will be there for you to help you feel at ease and take away your nervousness. All you need to do, is take the leap of faith.

Lucy Price