The Girl & The White Wolf

As the saying goes “a dog is a Man’s best friend”. Well in my case, a dog is a Woman’s best friend too. The bond one develops with an animal is truly a wholesome thing. To be able to love and care for an animal shows true tenderness, love and compassion. I have never heard of a situation or scenario that wasn’t improved by a dog’s presence.

My Girl. A pure breed long haired Siberian Husky I coincidentally inherited after I decided NO MORE DOGS. So now I am the proud owner of a beautiful dog, with a HUGE personality and an eager to learn and assist attitude. Kloie has displayed on many occasions that she has a special gift of letting people know they are not ok. At about 1 year old she woke me up and notified me that my father was gravely ill in the other room and needed medical attention. After this ordeal was done and dusted, I knew I need to investigate this act further.

Kloie is now 6 years old, and is currently in training to be an assistance dog providing mental comfort to her patients. She is trained to relax and comfort distressed patients and can also notify the person of any medical issues they may have such as diabetes, seizures, heart rate change and use for deaf patients. What a talented pup she is and I’m so proud we found our way to each other. 

So, what does Wollongong’s most desired escort and her white wolf do when I’m not working. We love to read under a shady tree, on the beach, in a park, or even walking down the road to get lunch. I love reading because I love to learn new things. I used to love fiction but as I mature, I get more value in books about facts, true stories and bibliographies. I have a very creative imagination so exploring that to me is not priority. I like to fill my brain with knowledge and fun facts I can randomly bring up in conversation. Like, for example. Did you know corn flakes where introduced to prevent masturbation? It’s true, Google it. Kloie and I like to just be around each other, it really doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we do it together.

Just like most things in life, things happen when you least expect it. Meeting Kloie would have to be one of the best days of my life. You want to know why? Because I didn’t know I needed her until I had her. She is my sunshine and my rainbows, my rainy days and thunderstorms all in one. I can’t imagine life without her cuddles and howls so for that, I’m grateful I have “man’s / Woman’s best friend by my side to walk this journey we call life together.


Lucy Price,

Most Desired Escort