Lucy the Oral delight

Lucy The Oral Delight

One thing I pride myself on, is taking ‘Blowjobs’ to a whole new level. My version of cock worship is most definitely something to experience. One thing I constantly hear from my clients is “Wow, you do that like you can’t get enough of it”. Yes.. That’s exactly right. I CAN’T get enough of it. The way in which I perform my love for oral is definitely something words will do no justice. The best description I’ve heard to date, was actually just a week ago. A regular client said to me that he “loved the way you used my cock as if it were oxygen”. To be honest until he pointed it out I hadn’t noticed a “style”, as I do alter each experience.

I then reflected on my love and passion for feeling the deliciously soft and silky skin of a delicate cock sliding over my lips and tounge. I do find myself closing my eye’s to allow all my other sense to heighten, so I can truly immerse myself in the art of oral stimulation. For my pleasure too!! I Love when a client starts to play with me and soon realises I’m gushing wet. “Oh wow” they always say “Your so wet”. Like I continue to say over and over again, I love every aspect of sucking.. Fucking.. Teasing and tantalising every Inch of you, while I watch you melt into a pool of liquid orgasms.

My love for oral steams from comfort. To have you in my mouth for the hour or even over the course of a evening booking is the ultimate sexual experience for me. You will find in a long booking with me that I constantly finding comfort in having your cock in my hand, mouth or both. I am an affection lover and enjoy the touch, smell and taste of a man. I find this as a comfort as well as a nourishing to my sexual growth.


So as I sit here thinking of all the amazing cock worship session I’ve encountered over the past week, and how much I’ve grown and learnt from each and every experience. I can now spread the word of Lucy’s Oral Delight and all can appreciate the beautiful and breath-taking art of Cock Worship.


Little Miss Lucy


Lucy Price xo