Lucy INC

My ink or should I say my list of art I have chosen to decorate my body with. But why did I decide to get so much ink? Well, let’s start with how much I just love art. All art, Graffiti, fine art, contemporary, modern, native you name it, I appreciate the artist’s work. So why not keep the ones I love the most forever?

My first tattoo that I got was the birds on my feet. I had them done by Adam Murry from Muz Art. The reason I decided to tattoo my feet was to resemble my freedom. I wanted it to be a reminder that I choose my own destiny. Like a bird soaring through the sky, traveling with the wind. I too was free to soar with the wind. A free kindred spirit, flying through life with not a care on my wings. I also created my back piece around this theme, dedicating my body to mother nature and all her glory. Adam and I collaborated my back around my love for nature and freedom. I allow my artist some freedom also by allowing them to create a piece best suited to my body, personality and needs.  To say the least, I was not disappointed with the final result.

My favorite tattoo would have to be my legs. I just love how they accentuate my legs and show how long and danty they are. I love the position of my bows, just under my peachy derrière. I went with fine lace detailed bows as I like to be different and I had noticed alot of people with the same sort of ink and one thing I don’t do, is conform to the norm. Originally, I was going to just leave the bows as is but then one day I tried on a pair of stockings and noticed the back had love hearts running up the legs. An I thought to myself “gosh that looks so cute” and all I remember after that was laying on the table getting inked. My bows were done by Gumpy from Distinktion at Shellharbour.

I have a few more pieces I like but my back, legs and feet would have to be my favorite. I wonder which one is your favorite? Or if you even noticed I had any to begin with *insert wink smiley here *

Lucy Price