Let Me Tell You a Little Secret. What Does Lucy Price Like, in the Bedroom.

I often get asked by my clients, “What do you like?” To which my response generally is “Well, how long have we got?”
But really?? What do I like?

I probably have a different response to this depending on what day of the week or even month it is, but generally my biggest turn on would have to be the connection between us. Connecting with another soul on an intimate level can be one of the most beautiful acts known to man, and in my view, highly underrated in a society where the “I want it NOW” mentality has taken hold (and leaving future generations as potential mental basket cases when something takes longer than 30 seconds!). Taking your time to know and seduce a woman is by far one of the most important art forms to come to light during the evolution of sex and intimacy. To be able to take the time to understand each other and what makes your partner tick can be a very exciting form of foreplay. In my experience, I have found that I can find an instant connection on some level with every individual, be it male or female and even both simultaneously. However to be able to understand the unspoken words of intimacy requires a good attention to detail as well as an ability to decode the language of sex. If both partners are willing to acknowledge each other, I believe lovers can truly evolve sexually as well as mentally and emotionally in unison.

Physically, I enjoy your touch. I love it when you run your delicate finger tips over my face and down my neck, ever so gently dancing around my nipples and enticing them to bloom. That would be a good place to start! I enjoy teasing and seducing you with every inch of my being, luring you into a world solely made for just you and I. I enjoy the journey, getting to know your body with my touch….my lips…and my tongue. One of my favourite things would have to be when I can see you relinquish your socially or even personally imposed inhibitions and melt into a relaxed pool of goo in my arms. To see you relax….to feel you let go of everything you feel is holding you back or even just feel your anxiousness subside to me is so euphoric that I can feel my body reacting to it. My skin starts to prickle with goosebumps and my breathing becomes slower and deeper whilst I explore your neck and ear. You are probably thinking to yourself right now “She didn’t answer my question”, because I haven’t said, “I like oral” or “I love doggy” or even if I have a preferred type of lover. The truth is I connect with your soul first and foremost on another level above the ordinary plane of existence; I see past the physical appearances and see the inner beauty that everyone holds within themselves.

Connections are very important, and the mental portion should never be discounted over the physical. The connection between partners in both realms and the effort they are willing to share with each other (the respect they share for each other) will significantly determine if their relationship will be either a success or failure.
Whilst we are discussing connections and respect, I would like to give you a mild introduction into the connection needed to execute a strong Dom and Sub relationship.
I know I advertise as providing a sub experience but where exactly does that start? One. Simple. Word. RESPECT. It really is that simple. I think there is a great misunderstanding of the relationship between a Dom and their Sub. It isn’t all about whips and chains and pain. It isn’t about bending someone to your will and doing what you want with them because you are dominating them. That’s abuse and has no place in any healthy relationship. Being a Dom and a Sub is all about a balance where two (or more) individuals interact with each other to manifest both physical and mental pleasures. In many cases, depending on the intensity of the play, it can really take a lot of effort on the part of the Dom to ensure that the Sub is back to a safe state of mind. And this is what it is all about. Respect means safe.

So what do I like? Connections. Lost inhibitions. Slow caresses. A slow steamy journey to a gateway beyond which pleasure has no bounds. Respect.

Little Miss Lucy Price