The girl and the white wolf - Inside scoop on Lucy Price

Wollongong Professional Escort

At first impression you will be amazed by how short and petite I am .You will first notice my pale skin in contrast to my jet black hair almost accentuates my ruby red lips and deep-brown eyes that you could effortlessly lose your soul in. When you finally can pull yourself away from my hypnotic stare, you will admire my proportioned and toned size 4 body until you reach my hips. You will probably linger there for a while because you will be amazed by my tiny feminine curves, and tantalised over my toned, strong dancer’s core. My tight-tidy definition, can be easily run through with your fingers, tracing each muscle in & out with your delicate finger tips (or tongue), guiding you to follow the path to my toned petite legs. Skin like Persian silk and hair soft like down feathers of a newborn chick, with the sweet smell of coconut and berries in the air you’ll feel like ravishing me immediately. While you are in the mood to taste me, I suggest you feel the soft delicate touch of my feet that adore being worshiped and devoured like it were your last meal.

I prefer a more natural, to no makeup look. Sometimes you need to accept the fact that your natural features are by far more interesting & refreshing, then seeing someone with so much make up on they could be mistaken for being in a witness protection program. Having said that I do enjoy experimenting with different eye make up to help enhance my big brown eyes. Without having to cake on the foundation like my life depended on it. I love to wear high-end fragrances like Gorgio Armani, Dolce to Christian Dior, I tend to lean towards fresh Lilly, Rose or clean crisp fragrances; but at night, I like to wear something peppery or spicy, as it heightens my inner sexual demon.

In my day-to-day life I like to dress in corporate wear or cute girly outfits, it all depends on my mood for the day. However, one thing I always like to wear are cute heels or cuff boots to heighten my cuteness and increase my sexuality. There is something about how elegant and sophisticated a woman looks in a pair of high-end heels, it is like the cherry on a cupcake. I find heels allow the muscles to elongate, enhancing muscle definition as well as increasing ones hotness, and sexual awareness. At night I Like to dress to my mood or the occasion, both being classy yet fashionably devious, as I love being an individual in my own, yet socially acceptable way.

My perfect posture stems from my strict and gruelling ballet training since the age of four. I started training at a local school until my teacher refer me to a Sydney academy better structured to cater to me constant developing needs. I attended a prestigious private school that allowed me to continue with my strict ballet schedule as well as add the units to my final HSC marks. Through this time, I was involved in more shows then I could dictate to you, even now I still get reminders through photos of shows gone and forgotten. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a dancer, and I would not take back any of my horrific injuries sustained (that have also, come and gone); for ballet has taught me grace, elegance and discipline. Something I will carry with me forever. You can take the shoes off the dancer, but you can never remove the music from the dancer’ heart.

I love Classical music and opera but I dabble in the top 40 and Rnb music also. Coming from a very diverse family who filled our family home with Beach Boys to Frank Sinatra I was allowed to develop musically in my own direction. I started with classical piano to match my ballet-structured life, but then found myself leaning towards playing songs from movies such as Dirty dancing, Aladdin, Ghost, Beauty and the beast and many more well know pieces. I found this contrast to help me escape the constant discipline of classical music and its tendency to be very black and white, I prefer the grey area, & spaces in-between. I enjoy going to the theatre either musical or not, as I enjoy the rawness of live shows and the surrounding atmosphere. As a child and even through my adult life I’ve always enjoyed art galleries and even found myself working part time at the local gallery with up and coming new artists, setting up gallery exhibitions and helping artists inventory their piece prior to sale.

I am a proud owner of a stunning white Husky with a super star attitude. But don’t be fooled by her puppy blue eyes, for she is a cunning, good-natured but large personality filled little terror. At the moment her obsession is to take clients pens out of their pockets, so I highly recommend not bringing your prized-possession pen. My love for animals can be seen in some of my body art (Tattoos) in which I reflect my true passion for mother nature and all it has to offer.

My list of tattoos are as follows

Both feet – two birds

Right thigh – Girl and wolf in a dream catcher

Left arm – cherry blossom with Felix bird


Shoulders - hawk wings

Spine – flock of birds

Lower back – mother nature sitting on a magic mushroom with a frog and squirrel

Other than my nose rings, I don’t have any other piercing.. yet.

I hope my inside scoop on myself has given you a little more in-depth and intimate details of myself and my interests. I look forward to meeting every single one of you and giving you the experience and satisfaction you are looking for.


Little Miss Lucy

Lucy Price


  • Chuck PDecember 30, 2017 at 12:06 am

    Loved this little glimpse into your background. You are a fascinating woman. Hope to travel to your country and meet someday

  • Todd PJanuary 27, 2018 at 01:50 pm

    I loved what I have read in your blog so far. I'm also an animal lover. I've raised wolf hybrids and I also have some tats. I wish I was there to join you on a sensual journey. I'm hoping to get back there again soon.

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