Booking Etiquette


When contacting me, please be respectful and professional. I’m not asking you to get down on bended knee but please remember that I am a professional business woman and deserve respect and manners. Please introduce yourself with a brief description of what services you wish to receive and duration along with your preferred date and time.


In order to secure our time together I will require a deposit to be paid prior to locking you in my diary. Deposits are a 20% payment via bank account, I have a discreet corporate account and you can pay anonymously at a smart ATM or over the counter at a branch. If discretion is not a concern for you, I will accept an electronic transfer in advance. The remaining 80% will be paid in cash on the day. Please note that your booking will be confirmed after your deposit is received. 


Practicing proper hygiene is imperative. I provide luxury products for you such as liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, floss and mouthwash for your convenience. if you require any other products please ask, I have a lot of single use products you can use. Unacceptable hygiene will lead to restricted services. 

No Review Policy

I have made the decision to maintain a discrete online presence. While all my encounters are amazing, I prefer to keep that time between us. I am an established companion and I take my discretion and privacy very seriously. I thank you in advance for understanding this policy.