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Let me tell you a little secret. What does Lucy Price like, in the bedroom.

I often get asked by my clients, “What do you like?” To which my response generally is “Well, how long have we got?”
But really?? What do I like?

I probably have a different response to...


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The girl and the white wolf - Inside scoop on Lucy Price

At first impression you will be amazed by how short and petite I am .You will first notice my pale skin in contrast to my jet black hair almost accentuates my ruby red lips and deep-brown eyes that you could effortlessly lose your sou...


Lucy Price - Wollongong Escorts

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Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, life in Wollongong is not as fun and memorable without a beautiful woman over the weekend or during your free time. Life in Wollongong is delightful because Lucy Price, the best Wollo...


Lucy Price Escort Wollongong

Lucy The Oral Delight

Lucy The Oral Delight

One thing I pride myself on, is taking ‘Blowjobs’ to a whole new level. My version of cock worship is most definitely something to experience. One thing I constantly hear from my clients is...


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